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Hi, Mark.


How to stop voicing of superscript attribute


Try the following.


1. open Outlook 2010.

2. Press insert+6 on the numbers row,

3. Down Arrow and Right Arrow to open speech and sound schemes.

4. Choose Modify schemes.

5. Tab and Enter on edit scheme.

6. Shift Tab to General.

7. Right Arrow until you hear attributes Tab.

8. tab, then arrow down until you hear superscript.

9. Tab once, then Down Arrow to  ignore with the Arrow key.

10. Tab, press Enter on okay,

11. Say yest to your changes with Apply.


Bill White



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Subject: Verbosity Question




When typing a message in Outlook 2010, using JAWS 18, I have an annoying occurrence.  When I type a number using the superscript letters following the number, JAWS reads it by announcing superscript.  For example, if I type 3rd, JAWS does not read it as third.  Hope that makes sense…  I have explored all kinds of settings but I can’t seem to figure out how to resolve this.


Thanks in advance,


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