Re: 2018 with a 250 G hardrive?

David Moore


I have only 32 gig of space on a small HP laptop, an SSD drive.

I have Windows 10 Fall Creators, JAWS, NVDA, Google Chrome browser, and many more programs, and all of that only takes up 16 gigs. So, if you do not put a lot of your own files on it, 250 gigs is way more than enough. If you need more room, you can buy an exterrnal storage drive with a terabyte for $70.00.

You have a great set up there.

I am so happy for you!

David Moore

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From: Richard Turner
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Subject: Re: 2018 with a 250 G hardrive?


The hard drive is beyond big enough. The accessibility software doesn't take that much space.

The Windows operating system takes significantly more space than Jaws.

And 6 GB of RAM should be enough with a fast processor.

If you only have 39 GB of hard drive space, that is the files you are storing, not Jaws.


To test this, launch Windows explorer and navigate to your c drive.

Open the Program Files folder and put the focus on the Freedom scientific folder, but do not open it.

then hit the context menu key or shift-f10 select properties.

If you read the dialog, toward the end you should hear how many bytes are in the folder.


On my system, I have both Jaws 18 and 2018 and the Freedom Scientific bolder is only 348 Megabytes.

I also have Openbook on my system and it takes over 1 Gigabyte.

That is a minimal amount of space given the overall size of the drive.



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On Nov 7, 2017, at 9:01 PM, David & his pack of dogs <myguidedogis@...> wrote:

Not sure, best buy said it had a 5.1 or slightly higher processor. I am sure
it is fast, just not sure it is big enough.  I got it back from Best buy
Sunday Nov. 5 and already it says I just have about 39 Gs left of storage
space.   .  

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Subject: Re: 2018 with a 250 G hardrive?

what processor does it have, such as Intel model or AMD model and speed?

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Subject: 2018 with a 250 G hardrive?

I was given a HP lap top by a charitable group sponsored by the government.
It has 6 Gigs of ram and a 250 G hard drive.  Is that enough to run JAWS
2018 as well as other related products?  The agent knew I was blind.
Perhaps the agent being sighted was not aware of the size of hard drive
needed.  After all, he didn't know Window Eyes had been discontinued. I
don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth however, fear the hard drive is
not big enough to handle accessibility products.  It was suggested I just
send the lap top back.


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