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Ashleigh Piccinino

Is this group in a course? If so, you might be able to go to tools, send e-mail, and select the “all groups” link. I’ve never tied this, but I gues you could then select your group then to send to. You could also try selecting recipients of your e-mail and doing it that way, I guess/don’t know.



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Hello Maryann,

I use Blackboard and teach students how to use it. It may be something that is simply inaccessible, or it may be one of Blackboards quirky things.

I will try and call you on SKYPE when I see you online and I have some time.




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Subject: JAWS and Black Board


I need some help with Black Board. I can't really explain my problem on this list. If someone can help please let me know. I am part of a group and I want to send an e-mail to the group.


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