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Randy Meyer


I purchased an ElBraille 14 about three months ago to use in place of my
Hims Braille Sense 32 cell notetaker.

First, my understanding was that you might be able to use the ElBraille in
place of a main computer has proven to be wrong. The ElBraille has a tablet
processor, which is not as fast and responsive as my three year old desk top
computer. It is similar in speed to my Asus tablet I purchased around three
years ago. Although, I do not use the Asus tablet enough to have a good
comparison, and my ElBraille 14 may be faster, it is not as fast and
responsive as my desk top computer.

I do not use OpenBook or OCR on the Elbraile. I believe you will need Jaws
18. You will want to buy a USB hub to give you more than one USB port, and
I also bought an HDMI adapter with a regular monitor port for my wife to be
able to give me some feedback.

Running a computer just using the Focus 14 key board has been a learning
curve. I did cheat for a while and connected a regular key board.

The Braille translation table in Jaws does have a problem, it recognizes dg
as the degrees symbol in words. For example, budget is pronounced
bu-degrees-et. I am not sure if Jaws 2018 has an updated translation that
has corrected this. This is a Braille translation problem, not an ElBraille
problem. Also, I have not heard yet if I can update my ElBraille to run
Jaws 2018, which I am running on the rest of my computers.

There are times that I wish it was a little snappier running Outlook, Word,
and Excel, but it isn't too bad. I had been using the ElNotes program to
take notes, until I just decided today to use Wordpad instead.

The makers of the ElBraille like Fire Fox, and I do not use it. I had
started using Google Chrome, but there was problems typing into edit fields
with the Braille key board when using Chrome, which I am not sure if this is
an ElBraille problem or Jaws, but I suspect it is a Jaws problem. VFO
recommended I use Internet Explorer and Ron Miller help me get Internet
Explorer to be my default browser.

Keep in mind that this is not a VFO product, and VFO did not have a
dedicated support person for the ElBraille when I last called tech support.
Ron Miller from VFO did take the time to talk with me when I was having some
initial challenges with ElBraille. I have found it easier and quicker to
send questions direct to the Elita Group who made the ElBraille, and they do
respond fairly quickly.

I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any further questions. I
still believe the best notetaker in the future will be a full featured
windows computer or tablet, which is why I am willing to go through the
challenge of using the ElBraille.

Randy Meyer

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Hi all, I am a JAWS 17 user, and I am interested to know if anyone here Has
n El Braille 14, or knows any Users of the El Braille 14 by Freedom
Scientific? I would like to get some first-hand user feedback on how it
works for them. Particularly with regard to using JAWS and the open book
software and pearl OCR camera. I intend to use the Pearl, the El Braille 40
(when it becomes US available),and related software to facilitate my
literary Braille occupation. Thanks in advance for your help and indulgence.
Bill Tessore
I can be contacted here or off site at Sent from my iPhone

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