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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

No, this is not an issue. However, on my Windows 7 PC’s I still can’t use Control+Shift+I to return to my default Inbox and in Excel if I dare to start a formula by typing the equals sign it crashes right away.

If, for example, I want to do a formula like =A1+A2, I have to first type A1+A2, then if I go back with F2 and edit the cell I can put an equals sign in front of it and tab and then the formula works. Alternatively I have to type out all formulas in Notepad and then paste them into Excel.

On my Windows 10 laptop this is not an issue.

This, by the way, is happening both with the latest update of Jaws 18 as well as Jaws 2018.


From: [] On Behalf Of Tom Behler
Sent: Tuesday, November 7, 2017 11:27 AM
Subject: Outlook 2016 Address Field Issue


Hello, everyone.


This morning, I just discovered a major problem with Outlook 2016 when originating an e-mail.


When I start a new e-mail with control N, I can no longer type a contact address into the “to” field.  When I do this, I get kicked out of my new e-mail, and get placed back into my inbox.


Interestingly, I can go to my contacts list, and copy and paste the e-mail address into the to field with no problem.  I can also reply to e-mails with no problem.


Once again, the issue occurs when originating an e-mail and trying to access someone in my contacts list.


I am using Jaws 18, Outlook 2016 with Office 365, and Windows 7 here.


Has anyone recently experienced this issue, and if so, have you found a fix?


I am eligible to upgrade to Jaws 2018, and will do so when I get the chance.


However, in the meantime, I’d like to be able to quickly originate e-mails in the usual way if at all possible.


Dr.  Tom Behler from Michigan



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