Using JAWS to Download a Book from a Particular Web Site

Rick Miller

Dear Listers:


Are any of you familiar with Audio Book Ministries, also known as Tape Ministries for the Blind?  They have an online accessible library from which their books can be downloaded, but doing it using JAWS is very hard.  Their address is:


Right now the employee they have who is knowledgeable about screen readers and about JAWS is on medical leave and they don’t know when he will be back again.  So if any of you are familiar with this particular web site and maybe, by chance, might have downloaded a book from it, would you please be so kind as to access it and figure out how it can be done using JAWS?  You don’t have to sign in to do this—at least not for the help I am asking for.  Just go to the web page and find the “Online Library Access,” link and hit the Enter key.  Then if you just find any book, try to figure out how to get to the page where the book can be downloaded.  When you get to the page that has the book description, you’ll see there is no direct link to download the book.  There is a “downloads,” link but it will not take you to the “download,” page for the book you wish to download.  Instead, it takes you to the page where there are various things that can be downloaded, such as the AudioBook Ministries tax summary and various other things not at all related to the book you wish to download.  When you find a book, just tell me how to use JAWS to get to the book’s download page.


Thanks for any help you can give.




Rick Miller


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