Re: Headers in Word, the webinar notes work but can't remove Running Head on subsequent pages without removing all instances

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Running Header and Page Number

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1. First, press ALT+N to move to the Insert tab of the ribbon.

2. Press H to activate the Header drop down button, and then E to choose Edit Header. Focus goes to the empty header edit area.

3. Press ALT+JH to move to the Header and Footer Tools Design tab of the ribbon, and then press A to check the Different First Page check box. Focus again

returns to the empty header edit area

4. Press ALT+N to move to the Insert tab of the ribbon again.

5. Next, press H for Header, and press DOWN ARROW to select Blank 3 Columns. Focus moves back to the header edit area at the top of the page. This time,

three different fields for text are inserted with the words [Type text] at the left justified, center, and right justified parts of the header edit area.

The cursor is just to the left of the first field.

6. Press RIGHT ARROW. The first field is now selected. You can verify this by pressing the read current control keystroke, INSERT+TAB.

7. Press RIGHT ARROW to move focus out of the field to the space after it. JAWS says, "out of form field."

8. Next, press RIGHT ARROW to move to the beginning of the second [Type text] field, and then select it by pressing RIGHT ARROW again.

9. Press the DEL key to delete this middle text field. The cursor remains in the center of the header, but the field is now gone. JAWS reports, "out of

form field" again.

10. Press RIGHT ARROW twice more to move to and then select the third [Type text] field.

11. Next, press ALT+JH to move to the Header & Footer Tools Design tab of the ribbon, followed by N U to activate the Page Number button in the Header &

Footer group of the lower ribbon. A submenu opens.

12. Press C to choose Current Position, and another submenu opens with focus on the first item, Plain Number 1.

13. Press ENTER to select Plain Number 1. The menus close, and the [Type text] field is now replaced with the number one.

                14. Press HOME to move to the beginning of the header area. This also selects the left aligned [Type text] field.

15. Type the following, with the actual running header in all caps. The running header must be 50 characters or less. It is OK to shorten it and have a

longer title for the paper in the center of the page. Type: Running head: TITLE OF PAPER. In my example, I have the following: Running head: READING COMPREHENSION


16. If necessary, select the entire line of the header and check the font and size to make sure it matches the body text you are using.

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NOTE: As you type text in the left text placeholder, the number on the right side may wrap down to the next line. After you have typed your running head,

press the DEL key to remove any extra spaces and bring the number one back on the same line as the rest of the text. You may need to use the JAWS cursor

to do this, since a Say Line with the PC cursor reads both lines of text in the header.


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17. When you are finished, press ESC to get out of edit mode for the header text. Focus returns to the main document area.

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Subject: Headers in Word, the webinar notes work but can't remove Running Head on subsequent pages without removing all instances



     I am in the process of typing important papers for college classes. The professors expect me to use APA format, which doesn’t have the words RUNNING Head across the top of subsequent pages than the first. With the instructions I was given by K. H.—a member on this list, I guess, I cannot see how to delete the Running Head from the other pages but leave it on first. I’ve even tried using the “different first page” button under the header/footer design tools but still shows Running Head on all pages. I’m trying to do these headers without sighted help—how embarrassing is that?, as I’m a senior in college. Please advise, as quickly as possible/way before the 16th of this month/when first paper of this type’s due.

Thank you,

Ashleigh Piccinino


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