Re: disk burning help needed

Richard Turner

Can your DiscMan play mp3 discs?
If so, did you try putting a blank disc in the drive and use Windows Explorer to copy the files and paste them on the disc?
This used to work in Windows 7.
If you need audio discs that will play in any player, they are limited to 80 minutes each. I suspect you have a lot more than 80 minutes of lessons.
I understand another good disc burning package is AnyBurn.
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On Nov 4, 2017, at 1:56 PM, Mark Furness <flintman57@...> wrote:

I have tried “express burn” from NCH. For such a simple program, my head and laptop came up empty.

I have 120 mp3 files to teach me the guitar and wish to play them on my

disk man in the living room where there is more room.

Does anyone have a suggestion that works well for burning a disk in windows 10 and running jaws 2018.


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