Re: SMA shipments

Soronel Haetir

They don't notify about the DVD in particular, but I do get messages
saying that the new version has been released. (Only for major
versions, not the interim minor releases that don't take a SMA).

On 11/4/17, Bill White <> wrote:
Hi, Joseph. They don’t notify you. They just ship the DVD.

Bill White

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Sent: Saturday, November 4, 2017 10:50 AM
Subject: SMA shipments

Hi listers:

This is my first SMA, so forgive me if you’ve answered something like this

I have an SMA good beginning with JAWS 2018.

Will I just receive a DVD in the mail without any warning, or do they Email
me letting me know that the DVD has shipped?


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Soronel Haetir

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