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Dennis Brown

Is the mobile site blind-friendlier than normal Facebook?

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Hi Cathy anne!

Thank you so very much. I use the Mobile site of Facebook quite a bit, and I did not know this.

It has been right under my nose LOL!

Have a great one, guys.

I have enjoyed this conversation thread!

David Moore

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Hi CathyAnne  Thank you for this instruction  I will try that today ,if I have problem I will let you know!!




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When you start a post on the front page of the mobile Facebook site, there is a “More” link beneath the edit field.


Activate this “More” link to open the “Create Post” page. This opens a page through which you can take actions on the post. One of the links on the page is “Tag Friends.”


The “Tag Friends” link opens a page with a search field through which you can search for friends to tag and checkboxes for each friend. Toggle the checkboxes for the friends you’d like to tag.







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Hi Donna  I need to explained to you better ,for example  when I write something in edit box then I tab to post button  thenwhile I’m still on profile page I scroll down to the post I send then I open it then arrow down to look for tag links so I don’t hear it then I arrow down to share links press enter it’s say share on your timeline then I press tab down where I hear add tag people  I don’t want to used share post on   I want to tag people without share  I want used tag only without share  tag !! Do you understand ?



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Hi Addison,


The easiest way to tag people in post is to use the at sign followed by the persons name. I'm going to use my name here so you understand. It should be written like this @Donna Casteen


Hope this is helpful.




Hello All  I’m using jaws 18 on desktop with window 10 !! When I’m on  website  when I post something then click on post button then I went to profile on my post I’m trying to tags some friend to my post without share ,but I had to press enter on share links where I arrow down to add tagged to friends press spacebar then I select some friendsthen I press enter on share button  I  don’t want to share ,I want to tags only where I can write something then press post button !! How can I do that on ? I noticed jaws acted up on webssitewhere jaws not accessible on  right ?


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