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First of all, there is a newer Jaws 18 update, it is Jaws 18.0.4350. If it doesn't show up via check for updates just go to, click on Downloads > Jaws for Windows and download it.
Jaws 2018 is a completely new version and just as all other major version updates each fall this one you have to download.

This update also requires you to authorize it and it will use one of your SMA counts, if you don't have one left you would first need to by a new SMA which will give you two major updates (you would get Jaws 2018 now)and Jaws 2019 next year around this time. You would then again need to renew your SMA in order to get Jaws 2020 and Jaws 2021.
A Jaws Home SMA as far as I know costs
$120 in the US, as it is good for 2 years that means it is $5 a month to always have the latest Jaws update.


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I'm using Jaws 18.04321 and am curious about Jaws 2018. My check for updates says that i'm using the latest version of Jaws. How do I get 2018 and is there any difference?


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