Re: Trying to figure out Firefox bookmarks

Soronel Haetir

There are several items on the Firefox bookmarks menu that are not
themselves bookmarks (rather organization sub-menus) and as far as I
am aware there is no way to not have them. I have even looked through
about:config and didn't see any setting that appears to apply, other
than one for the Recent bookmarks menu. But I have that set to false
and the Recently bookmarked sub-menu is still there.

On 10/31/17, Cristóbal <> wrote:
Hello list,

Screen reader issues with the coming Firefox 57 aside, I know some add-ons
are going to stop working regardless when these pending problems are

For years, I’ve been using the PlainOldFavorites extension and while I
haven’t actually used IE in forever, I’ve always liked IE’s favorites

In any event, I’ve recently been trying to work with Firefox bookmarks and
am dealing with a frustrating issue. There appear to be some bookmarks that
no matter how much I try to delete/get rid of them, they’re still showing
in my bookmarks menu. This is making jumping to a bookmark by the first
letter tedious and much longer than when working in IE’s favorites layout.
They seem to be showing up right after the most recent bookmarked option.
it deleted folders or unsorted bookmarks.

Was just wondering if I’m missing something on how to better sort the
Firefox bookmarks menu or if this is just going to be a part of dealing
this feature? I do already have bookmarks set to sort by name.

Using the latest JFW 2018 recently released and am on Firefox 56.X. I’ve
already disabled the automatic update in Firefox and will only update once
the noted screen reader issues are finally resolved.

Any input would be appreciated.



Soronel Haetir

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