Re: accessing Hotmail/Outlook account via web UI

Joseph Hudson <jhud7789@...>

Hi Mario, the better way to access a hot mail,/Outlook account would be to purchase Outlook for your computer.

On Oct 30, 2017, at 10:51 AM, Mario <> wrote:

I noticed that some members use an Outlook email account. I don't know
the extent of your visual impairment, but I'm blind to the extent as to
whatever I can see is blurry; peripheral and central vision is affected.
I rely on JAWS when using my computer, but am frustrated when I need to
access my Hotmail account via it's web interface. I was wondering if
someone has any steps/hints you can pass along to me in accessing the
facilities of my account, like getting to the junk folder to see if
anything legit got stuck there, and moving it to my inbox or marking it
as "this is not junk" so move it to the inbox, and other tasks?

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