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Hi David,

Here you are:

Re: Silencing Jaws in a self-voicing program

Try the following:
1. Open the program you would like Jaws to be muted in when using.
2. Press Insert + 6, to open the Settings Center & make sure Jaws
reports Jaws Settings Center Application / program name. If you get the
Add New Configuration
dialogue, tab to okay & press the spacebar to add this application /
program to the Settings Center.
3. Type, sleep, into the search box & press enter or, arrow down to
Miscellaneous & press the right arrow key to open Miscellaneous.
4. Arrow down 1 time to Sleep Mode, disabled, Press the spacebar until
Jaws reports, Sleep Mode enable & unload the synthesizer.
5. Tab to apply, press the spacebar, tab to okay, press the spacebar to
save your changes & close the Settings Center.

Take care. Mike. Go Dodgers!
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