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Jaws did not work at all well with Avast. Things went much smoother when I switched to Windows Defender.

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We do too, Windows Defender, that is.

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Just my two cents worth, I don’t use any third party vires removal software with windows 10 and jaws your computer will run better if you remove avast. Now I know other people have there opinions of this but as for me my computer runs a lot better with out third party vires removal software. I find that windows defender does a fine job.

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Marvin, I noticed you’re using Avast. I have it, too, but haven’t found it to be altogether accessible with Jaws, so wondered—are there work-arounds to make using it more screen-reader-friendly? Thanks!


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Thanks for the step by step instructions Marvin.


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Okay here are the steps to do this.

Assuming you have windows 10, but this will work for windows 8.1 and windows 7.

For windows 10,

1. Press the windows and I key which will get you to the settings app.

2. Press the end key on your keyboard, and this will take you to update and security.

3. If you are using jaws 2018, you can use the shift insert ; to turn on touch cursur if needed.

4. Then tab to the check for updates or if it says the list of the update.

5. Tab to the button says download.

6. Use the jaws touch and then see what progress downloading. It will then give you speech for jaws, until it reboots.

7. Use windows control enter to turn on windows narrator when you hear your hard disk spin up and then it will reboot several times. This took me about 5 hours and was able to turn on the scan option in narrator, for the fall update, and use the caps lock left and right arrow keys.

8. To turn on scan mode, use the caps lock and space and will say scan mode on. Then it will say percentage and updating.

9. Then the final reboot, will say that it is updating 100 %, then will reboot, and then go to the windows login screen.

10. Enter your password or pin to login.

11. Then you will hear jaws come up and the desktop.

Hope that helps. Did that on Tuesday, and about 5 pm, started at about 12:30 pm, and it fixed my windows corrupted updates issue. And then was able to get other updates like the updates.

Hope that helps.

Marvin from Australia.cumulative


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