Re: Jaws and Internet Explorer

Stephanie Switzer

That sounds pretty much like what mine's doing. I can read the address
bar, but not the web page. Jaws isn't working with Microsoft word now
either. It worked fine with both IE and M. S. Word until I installed
the latest update, so I'm thinking that has something to do with it.

On 7/4/11, Cliff Self <> wrote:
Check to see if that computer is using something like Google tool bar in I
E. It could be blocking the page from Jaws. Also, check to see if there's
a pop up doing the same thing.


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I'm sending this mail on behalf of a friend of mine, who is having a
with Jaws and Internet Explorer.

Hi All

I wonder if anyone can help me? A few months ago I installed JAWS 12 onto
my parents PC so I could use the internet when I am visiting them. All
well until this weekend. JAWS has literally stopped working with internet
explorer and I just can't understand why. When I load internet explorer
JAWS will read the title of the webpage and nothing else.

The arrow keys don't work and it says there are no links. If I try to use
any of the keystrokes like insert f6 the headings list won't appear and it
says no headings. No buttons or form fields can be found. If I press the
alt key I can look at the file, edit view menus etc but I just can't
navigate any webpages.

I have tried unloading and reloading JAWS, rebooting the PC, refreshing
webpage and still no luck. Internet explorer 8 is the version on the PC.

All other applications are working perfectly with JAWS. I've never come
across this problem before.

If anyone can shed any light or help me out I would be really grateful as
this is so frustrating.

Thanks in advance.

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