marvin hunkin <startrekcafe@...>

Hi, only have to use ocr with jaws then the web page comes up, but might abnd had to totally uinstall using a new removal tool. Got stubborn, so will go and download the ed sharp, for my course, and then see if windows defender has a fit with it will scan, then use http://www.ninite.com.which is a exe file and can select and install multiple files in silent mode. You run it and then show you in a list. So might try that, just uinstalled Avast and the files remaining will be gone next reboot.


Ps: but I want a third party tool. How well does windows defender catching malware, viruses, etc. just prefer a third party anti virus and a third party anti malware and have super anti spyware free.

Just my own personal preference and do have a windows firewall and one on our router.


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