Google Chrome reader mode


Hello list

So for the longest, I’ve been a Firefox user and have started to play around with Chrome.

IN Firefox, there is a reader mode (alt+control_R) that you could activate to get rid of a lot of clutter on websites that support it. This is almost nearly universal, but for a few sites. CNN comes to mind.

IN any event, I was wondering if Chrome had an equivalent for this feature/keyboard command? Poking around in the settings, didn’t really come across anything. Nor did I find a keyboard command listed when doing a general Google search for Chrome keyboard commands. I did find an extension called read mode, but in its brief description didn’t mention a command. Just some icon to click to enable and disable this layout.

I do use and like the Jaws flexible web feature, but the alt+control+r command is probably my most used command in Firefox. Sometimes, you just want in and out on a site without having to configure beyond that one time you’re going to click through to read X, Y or Z.

I recall way back when, there was a programmer who put out some scripts for Firefox and IE called IEMax and FireFoxMax or something. One of the nifty keyboard commands in those scripts was a control+m for a pagination/reader mode. It was incredibly useful. This was way back with Firefox 4 or 5.

Anyway, any help for a Chrome newbie on this particular command would be appreciated.





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