Re: is this a bug with jaws 2018 full?

Dennis Brown

Is it the first item in the list? I get that sometimes with WLM and 18 in the message list.

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From: netbat66
Sent: Saturday, October 28, 2017 2:14 PM
Subject: is this a bug with jaws 2018 full?

the wlm problem does not show up with jaws 18.
i did import my settings when i installed 2018 full.
i have been seeing times when jaws will say something is unavailible when it
really is from pull down menus.
with wlm 2012 if i want to highlight text in a opened message and copy and
paste to notepad or another message the copy command will say it is
but most of the time the text really was copied to the clipboard and can be
pasted somewhere else.
if i am replying to a message copy and paste works fine.
another place was when i was trying to correct the default.jkm file.
when i tried to change the say next line which in my case was not defined it
said the change key? said it was not availible. but it really was.

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