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Appreciate you sharing this with us. BTW am I correct in that you want to
have the standard ribbons working, an *not* the JAWS Virtual Ribbon?

In my case, I never enabled the JAWS Virtual Ribbon feature and use the
standard MS Office 2007 ribbons. I do this because I want to be able to use
the Quick Access Toolbar without interference.

Dave Carlson
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Thanks again, Dave.

The ribbon problem persists after the repair, but the control+r keystroke
now works. I'll contact Freedom Scientific to see why my ribbons are
behaving so differently from how they do using Jaws 12. If I learn
anything, I'll share with the list.

BTW, Jaws 13 seems much snappier than 12 on my Windows 7 32b computer.
However, this ribbon problem is a deal breaker for me. My tools should help
me do what I want and not stand in the way.


Jim Marks jimmarks@...

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JAWS 13 works very well (in fact better than JAWS 12) with Office 2007
Applications. Suggest you do a repair on JAWS 13.

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