network issue

marvin hunkin <startrekcafe@...>

Hi. when I updated to the fall creators update, have my isp connection, then the   unidentified network and it is hyper v, went in yesterday and went to turn on windows features on or off, then unchecked that, did it thing, then asked me to restart, and chose to restart later, as almost bed time here last night in Australia and the only way is to go into internet and network settings, then had to change adaptor settings and got hyper v default switch 5, and had to disable. So what to do, for this not to show up. Also on the windows defender firewall settings, have my private network and then says public network, and don’t have any public networks, only my home private network and went into wifi and made sure the public network was not checked. Apart from this, jaws 2018 is a whole lot more responsive, the notifications in acution centre, good, and more responsive, and like the new windows update screen and also Cortana and Cortana works now.

Any ideas.

Or do I just go back in to turn on windows features or just uinstall the hyper v drivers, which I did when I installed azure and visual studio and other programming things.




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