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Below are notes from a FS webinar.

1. Press ALT+N to move to the Insert tab of the ribbon.

2. Next, press H for Header, and press DOWN ARROW to select Blank 3 Columns. Focus moves back to the header edit area at the top of the page. This time,

three different fields for text are inserted with the words [Type text] at the left justified, center, and right justified parts of the header edit area.

The cursor is just to the left of the first field.

3. Press RIGHT ARROW. The first field is now selected. You can verify this by pressing the read current control keystroke, INSERT+TAB.

4. Press RIGHT ARROW to move focus out of the field to the space after it. JAWS says, "out of form field."

5. Next, press RIGHT ARROW to move to the beginning of the second [Type text] field, and then select it by pressing RIGHT ARROW again.

6. Press the DEL key to delete this middle text field. The cursor remains in the center of the header, but the field is now gone. JAWS reports, "out of

form field" again.

7. Press RIGHT ARROW twice more to move to and then select the third [Type text] field.

8. Next, press ALT+JH to move to the Header & Footer Tools Design tab of the ribbon, followed by N U to activate the Page Number button in the Header &

Footer group of the lower ribbon. A submenu opens.

9. Press C to choose Current Position, and another submenu opens with focus on the first item, Plain Number 1.

10. Press ENTER to select Plain Number 1. The menus close, and the [Type text] field is now replaced with the number one.

                11. Press HOME to move to the beginning of the header area. This also selects the left aligned [Type text] field.

12. Type in your name or whatever .

13. Press escape to return to the main document.


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Subject: inserting page numbers within word


Hi all, Is there a way to insert a page number on a word document along with putting your name next to that page number?



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