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I have a few issues with Excel on my Windows 7 desktops, but don’t seem to have these on my Windows 10 laptop. Certainly no sluggishness, I would definitely report to FS and maybe call Microsoft Accessibiliuty to see if they have any suggestions. Make sure your Office 2016 is up to date and, if you can, upgrade to Jaws 2018 which should also help.


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Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 9:43 AM
Subject: Problems with Excel




This is my first time writing to this group.  I have been using JAWS for over 20 years.  I recently went into Windows 10 and have the latest version of JAWS 18 running.  I am using MS Office 2016.  I have worked through most of the things that are different from Windows 7 and Office 2010.  However, in the past month I have come across a real problem in excel.  I am having problems with JAWS either becoming so delayed that I wait more than 30 seconds when I try to arrow to the next cell or sometimes JAWS just turns itself off.  When I initially open the excel program everything seems to work fine but after about three to 5 minutes this problem starts.  I am working in spreadsheets I have had for several years.  I am not sure if this is part of the problem or not. 


Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this problem are greatly appreciated.




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