Re: Problem trying to repair Jaws 18 before upgrading to V 2018

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Why not just install Jaws 2018, I would say at this point to set it up from scratch and not merge your settings when asked just so you get the best possible experience which is not effected by possibly some problem in your user settings.

Jaws 2018 does not require you to repair Jaws 18, in fact you could completely uninstall Jaws 18 and it would make no difference to Jaws 2018.





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Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 12:36 PM
Subject: Problem trying to repair Jaws 18 before upgrading to V 2018


Hello list,

So, I’ve been dealing with this issue since Jaws 18 was put out on 9/26/17. Along with the Outlook address thing that later got fixed, I was having trouble when replying or forwarding message in Outlook. Arrowing down was not possible. Jaws would behave as though I was at the bottom of the screen. Even if I arrowed up once and then tried going back down to the line I was previously at, I’d encounter that same barrier. Navigating the message body of text with the read by paragraph or sentence commands, Jaws worked as always. It was just the read/navigate by line that was giving me problems.

VFO tech support emailed me instructing that I should try doing a Jaws repair. Do the copy path from my JFW .exe file and add the / type repair at the end in the run dialog box.

As I saw that Jaws 2018 came out today, I figured I’d try to get this resolved. I for one reason or another hadn’t had the chance to go through with the repair, but figured I should try addressing it before upgrading to JFW 2018.

In any event, I went through the repair process earlier today and along with all the other typical Jaws chatter when doing an installation (I was using a JFW.exe file from October that addressed the Outlook issue), I heard Jaws say something about a sentinel system driver not being copied. By the end of the process I then got the following error message:

The JAWS setup package could not install the required component

JAWSRepair.  The process will now exit.


I already wrote VFO back about this, but as it’s Jaws 2018 release day, I don’t expect a follow up any time soon as I’m sure they’ll be dealing with all sorts of stuff related to that.

Anyone have an idea on what this is or how to fix it?



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