Re: [Bulk] Jaws 13 & Virtual Ribbons

Marks, Jim

Thanks, Dave.

My virtual ribbon is unchecked. Truth is, I've tried it both ways and the ribbon behavior doesn't change. I've even tried making the changes in the application settings as well as the default. I don't know whether the ribbon is standard or virtual with the virtual ribbon checked or unchecked. The behavior is the same, and it sure is not what I'm familiar with. The ribbon behaves much differently from the way it does in Jaws 12. In fact, I just tried to use the Outlook 2007 keyboard command, control+r to reply to you, and it did not work in Jaws 13. I had to go into the ribbon to find the reply button. Perhaps Jaws 13 won't work well with MS Office 2007?

Jim Marks

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Settings Center. Ctrl+Shift+d for the default configuration file. Type
"virtual ribbon" in the search field and make sure that the item is

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