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David Pearson

Hi David:

Thanks for the reply, and info. Sometimes, I'd like to know the e-mail address of a particular sender who's not yet a "contact". Is this possible with WLM?

Thank you,


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if you want to read an email address from your inbox using windows live
you will have to do this through the contacts.

1, ctrl+3=contacts,

now you can either do a search, or you can simply down arrow until you hear
the address you wish to read,

once you find the contact which you wish to read,
press the applications key enter on edit contact,
now you're in the summary page,
now use the keystroke, alt+t,
now you can use the tab key to move through the various edit fields, when
you find the email address, you can use the arrow keys, right and left to
read the email address.
when finished? press escape.
now, ctrl+1 to get back into the inbox.

hope this helps.

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Subject: e-mail address question

Hello all:

Is there a method to "read" an e-mail address from onelocated in my in-box,
and if yes, how is this done?

Sincerely yours,

David Pearson

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