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Carol Smith

Hi Steve,

I was the original poster for this topic. Yes, this would be for a web site.

With Window-Eyes, my brother could go to the site he needed and search for a specific word. He could then use the WE mouse keys and navigate up a certain number of pixels and then move slightly to the right, where he could then click on an upload button that was not seen by Window-Eyes. Here is an example:

The letter "a" in the word "name" is at position 200:200.
The button to upload is at position 205:185.
There is no text or graphic that is available to click on. To click the button, he finds the a in name and then moves his mouse pointer up from 200 to 185 by pressing the move up command three times and then moves to the right by pressing the move right command one time. He is then on the upload button and can use his mouse click key to press the button.

He never got to a place in Window-Eyes where he could set up a placemarker, and he is only just getting started with Jaws. His PC is a Win10 desktop. How can one move by pixels in Jaws? Thank you.


On 10/25/2017 6:56 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:

Place markers only work on the web, don't they?

The Snowman's Hotspot Clicker script would be better for this.

All the best


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I come late to this discussion but...
When your Brother finally gets this particular area found with the mouse can he then use the place marker functions of JAWS to get there all the time?
If I understood the functions of this ability it can be website specific and he can just use the placemarker list to go directly to that point.
I just thought it was worth a suggestion.
Anyone with more experience with the placemarkers should absolutely jump in here and correct my understanding.

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