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Steve Nutt



Have you turned off audio ducking?  Insert-Space, then D.


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From: [] On Behalf Of Dave Mitchell
Sent: 19 October 2017 14:19
Subject: Eloquence Behavior Post Updates


Hi Everyone,  After the successful installation of the Windows 10 Fall package and the 2018 Beta 3 I have noticed that Eloquence is doing a few new and annoying speech behaviors.  For example, with Alt / Tab the voice dips noticeably at the beginning when voicing the tab destination.  Also when starting to read, the beginning of the sentence is likewise diminished.

Not trying to be a Nattering Naybob of Negativism but wondering if I am alone in this observation.  I’m pondering trying other voices as well but, having done so in the past, I find myself back with Eloquence.

I did a complete restart in hopes of smoothing out these speech quirks but to no good end.

Thanks for your time, Mitch


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             than the pain of regret.”


                      (Nido Qubein)



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