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It's not important to the well-being of your computer. Some sites just may
not work correctly without Java installed. If you have Java now, though, it
is important to keep it updated. This is because security flaws are always
being found, and your system could be more at-risk if Java is not updated.

The best way to download Java is to go to the following link, choose the
off-line installer, and run it as a regular program. You must know which
Java you have, though, the 16-bit or 32-bit version. The link is below to
get either of the off-line installers, as well as to start the on-line
install. The reason I don't like the on-line version is that often they try
to bundle other software with it, and if you don't get the boxes unchecked,
you may end up with software you don't want in addition to Java. OK, here's
the link.

Bill White

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Hello list:

Is "Java" important to the well being of my pc? I receive an update
notification, but don't know how to install it, or whether it's necessary to


Thank you,

David Pearson

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