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It sounds as if one is now set up as a POP account, and the other is set up as IMAP. They both need to be set up as IMAP if the behavior you desire is to happen.

Bill White

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Hello all,

Please help!

I have a laptop and a desktop. It used to be that when I read emails in Outlook - whichever machine I used - whatever action I took on a specific machine would automatically be executed on the other one. So if I opened a message on one machine it would show opened on the other, delete on one and it would be gone on the other too.

Now, however, this is not happening at all. It's as if they are two separate accounts. I don't know what caused this, and I don't know how to fix it either.

Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.



Dr. Marilyn Bland - Dallas, Texas

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