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oh. thanks.

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Hi, Mario. By "enters" Brian means "new line" characters. In other
words, don't press Enter within the message to create a new line or

Bill White

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Brian, um... what do you mean by "enters"?

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First and foremost, yes, you can text from e-mail (and there's been lots
already offered in that regard) and, if you get a response, you can
respond in e-mail. The one thing you absolutely must remember, though,
is not to include any "enters" in your reply. Most e-mail providers
now strip these so the whole text message goes through, but some still
do not, and if they don't the first enter in your message will be
treated as the end.

The above being said, if you have a Google Account you can get a Google
Voice phone number (at no cost) and then use the Google Hangouts
website, PC app (if you use the Chrome browser), or Android and iPhone
app to text to your heart's content. There have been occasions where
I've helped someone set up a Google Voice number where none were
available in their home area but that's not a huge deal since you can
pick another nearby, or not so nearby, area that does have numbers
available. When I helped my cousin, who lives in Phoenix, set hers up
we ended up choosing a number in the area code for Newport News, VA.
Signing up for a Google Voice number is done at
) .

You can also text directly from Google Voice, but that's only possible
from the PC. The reason I switched all of my texts and calls to be
redirected to Hangouts is because I can have it running on my PC and
Android phone and both will ring at the same time or give me the "new
message alert" at the same time. While this isn't useful if I'm sitting
at my PC it sure is when I'm out and about with only my Android phone.
Redirecting ones calls and texts from the native Voice setup to Hangouts
is nothing more complicated than checking a checkbox in Hangouts under
the Google Voice heading that reads, "Receive SMS and voicemail in

If you're a Google user it's worth considering.

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