Brad Martin


I have had OpenOffice for awhile now, and it basically works--though it can be a little flakey with JAWS. I actually like some of the features of the similar LibreOffice better. Some things, like lists and styles like bold and underline are just easier to locate.

But two things I can't seem to do with either OpenOffice or LibreOffice are:

1. I can't figure out how to read a status line to see what page I'm on, how far down the page I am, etc.

2. If I use Control Down Arrow to select a line of text--or multiple lines--JAWS doesn't read the selected text to let me know what's highlighted, as it would in Word.

I'm running JAWS 15 here. Does anybody have a trick for these two things? If I could make this work, I think I'd really like Libre.

P.S. I did find that the 64-bit version of LibreOffice didn't read at all, but the 32-bit version works quite well for the most part.

Thanks in advance,


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