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HH. Smith Jr.

Hello fellow listerrs,


Hello fellow listerrs,


After surviving one of the strongest hurricane in history, tornado laden, earthquake called Irma. yes, Irma was worse than a category 5 hurricane at times her speed was unmeasurable. This storm actually registered on the Richter scale leaving massive and tragic destruction to solid concrete homes and people. I was blessed in that my home was not destroyed just some cosmetic damage occurred. I’m now living in Georgia because of medical reasons not being able to get medication on a timely basis. My family and I got out right before hurricane Maria of which completely flooded the island making matters even worse. Then to add even more insult to injury, rainy season has just started and the rain is coming down in buckets and with no trees landslides are causing havoc. However, there is a glimmer of hope, a large amount of assistance has arrived and things are improving slowly but surely.

I’ll say sometimes being blind is a good thing.


Thanks for the prayers.


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