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I'm curious, for somebody who has an iPhone or other smartphone, why would I want to go through so much trouble in terms of looking up somebody's number to find out who their carrier is and then send them a text message via email to which they can't reply? Why not just text them via your iPhone or Android phone since most likely you would want to receive a reply.

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Portia, to obtain which carrier is associated with the cell number, go to:

and enter the number to lookup the carrier.

to send a text, launch your email client, start a new message, and for the to field, type the 10 digit cell number (without the number 1 that normally precedes the area code or dashes) the at sign, and the email address provided by the free SMS gateway lookup, and type in a brief subject and message up to 160 characters and send it as usual.

the information continuely changes from time to time, but these guys keep their database info up to date, so there's less of a chance that it won't work.

"hey, it doesn

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Subject: messaging or texting apps for windows

Are there any apps that are usable on the laptop or pc for texting phones? i use to use yahoo messenger for this but I have not used it in a long time and do not wish to install it since I tried it one time on my laptop and was not happy with the enterface of the application on my laptop. If anyone has any suggestions how I can do this, please share.

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