JAWS 2018 Public Beta 3 Download Links + What's New

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Hi All,
Below are the direct download links for the Latest JAWS 2018 Beta 3 update along with what's new in this release.
32 Bit:
64 Bit:
What's new:
Enhancements in JAWS 2018 Public Beta 3
The following is a list of improvements made between Public Beta 2 and Public Beta 3. Note that while many customer-reported enhancements are included
in this release, the following is a list of more notable changes.
Note: For Dutch users, no update will be presented during a Check for Updates. You must uninstall all prior JAWS 2018 builds including shared components,
and then perform a full install of Public Beta 3 or the final release. Once Public Beta 3 or later is installed, future JAWS updates will work as expected.
Option for Moving to Any Link Added to Navigation Quick Key Manager
A new navigation option that can manually be assigned to a Navigation Quick Key has been added for use in all browsers to move to any link. To assign a
key to this action, do the following:
list of 4 items
1. Press INSERT+F2, then select Navigation Quick Keys.
2. Select Any Link from the list and then choose the Edit Key Assignment button.
3. In the edit box, type the key you want to assign to this option and press ENTER. The key must be A through z or 0 through 9.
4. Choose OK to save your change and close the dialog box.
list end
Once this item is assigned, it will move the Virtual Cursor in a browser to both visited and unvisited links.
Other Changes
list of 11 items
• Addressed reports where JAWS 2018 would not install on certain 64-bit computers. In these cases, the installation process was not able to install the
Convenient OCR components. This is now fixed.
• Resolved issues using JAWS with Edge in the Windows 10 Fall Creators update.
• Resolved a customer reported issue where JAWS would stop responding when opening certain PDF documents.
• Addressed issues with the JAWS 2018 installer not working as expected on systems running the Avast or AVG antivirus software.
• Addressed an issue where braille was not always tracking properly in multiline edit fields in Internet Explorer.
• Resolved a customer reported issue where it was necessary to press INSERT+ESC to perform a JAWS screen refresh on certain pages in order to view changes
in page content. This was observed with Internet Explorer in Windows 10.
• If more than one keyboard layout is available for an input language, resolved an issue where JAWS would not indicate in speech or braille when pressing
CTRL+SHIFT to change the keyboard layout in Windows 7.
• If you changed the default voice or pitch in the active voice profile for a specific context such as the PC Cursor, resolved an issue where content was
not being spoken using the selected voice or pitch as expected.
• Resolved an issue where pressing the Left or Right Selector button on a Focus braille display was not changing the Braille Auto Advance speed.
• When navigating the User Account Control (UAC) dialog box, resolved an issue where JAWS was not announcing the currently selected option.
• Added a new Arabic Computer Braille table.
list end
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