Re: How to get firefox to stop asking me to update

Kimber Gardner

Thanks Bill. I believe I did uncheck that box but I'll be sure and verify.

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On Oct 17, 2017, at 4:16 PM, Bill White <> wrote:

Hi, Kimber. There is one more check box you need to uncheck. It is also in advanced, under updates. It is the one which says, Use a background service to update Firefox. If this box remains checked, Firefox will still update.

Bill White

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Thank you! It was the pressing spacebar on the listbox that I was
missing. I've now checked never check for updates so we'll see if that

On 10/17/17, Mario <> wrote:
Kimber, try the following:

press alt, then t for tools and o for options.
the next step may not be necessary, but press control+home and down
arrow (once for me) until JAWS announces, listbox, and press the spacebar.
you'll be able to down or up arrow to the advanced category, tab twice,
and right or left arrow to the update tab. tab once and...
you know the rest, right? good luck.

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Subject: How to get firefox to stop asking me to update

Hi all,

So after the nightmare that is the latest firefox version I was able
to install the previous version which works fine. The only problem is
FF keeps asking me to update and I do mean "keeps" asking, like
several times a day. It is driving me crazy. I googled for a possible
solution and found instructions to go to the advanced tab in options
and tell ff to never check for updates. The problem is I don't know
how to get to the advance tab. I can't seem to find my way out of the
general tab to even try this solution.

Can somebody help? Please?



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