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Also, if it gets harry and you just want to be able to download the attachment from the body of the message, do the following.

Alt/F followed by M, you will press space bar on OK, and then you will be in the save dialog where you can choose where you want to save the attachments.





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Subject: Re: Opening Attachments in Outlook 13


Hi Danney,


Jaws Key+A should work, I use Office 2016 currently with the Jaws 2018 Beta and that key combination works for me.

It’s been a few years since I used Office 2013, but I don’t recall it as being that different.

you can also press Shift+Tab, just make sure you are at the very beginning of the message and sometimes I do have to press it a couple of times to get to the list of attachments. Once you are there when it reads the first one and if you let it finish Jaws should say “1 of 1” or “1 of 3” or whatever the case may be and you can use left and right arrows to go from one attachment to the next if there is more than one.

Below is the text from speech history for an email I received which has one attachment, I first do a say line on that email in the Inbox, then open the email, let Jaws read the first few lines, then I press Jaws key+A. I indicate in quotation marks what I am pressing just before the text and I left in the vertical tabs which indicate the various bits of information::


NitroSell Billing
Invoice #740646 -
Mon 10:07 PM
49 KB
6 of 75

“I now press enter to open the email”:

From: NitroSell Billing <accounts@...>
Subject Invoice #740646 -
1 links.


Attached please find Invoice #740646.

This invoice covers the usage charges for the Link WebStore for the billing period 17th September up to 16th October 2017.


“I now press Jaws Key+A”, it will read the name of the attached PDF file:

NsInvoice740646.pdf11 KB1 of 1 attachmentsUse alt + down arrow to open the options menu Button
“As you can see it does say 1 of 1 attachments and it tells me to press Alt+Down Arrow for options. I now press Alt+Down Arrow and get the following menu choices”:

Preview, P
Open, O
Quick Print, R
Save As, S
Save All Attachments..., N
Upload sub menu, U
Remove Attachment, V
Copy, C
Select All, L
“I press Escape”:

Leaving menus

Here are a bunch of ribbon menu options with their shortcuts (the shortcuts only work if you don't use the virtual ribbon menu in Jaws):


When in the Inbox on a message with attachments (before you open the message):

Save Attachments

Alt followed by F, M


When you are in a message:

Save All Attachments...

Alt followed by H, A, O, N


After you open a message and place focus on an attachment with either Jaws Key+A or Control+Shift, press Alt Key and you will hear this:

Upper Ribbon group box

Attachments Tab

Alt followed by Y, J A

"If you now press the down arrow you get into what's called the Lower Ribbon and into the group of Actions items which are the same as when you press Alt+Down Arrow or Shift+F10 when you are focussed on an attachment":

Lower Ribbon Attachments group box

Actions group box

Open Button, Alt followed by J A, O P

Quick Print Button, Alt followed by J A, Q

Remove Attachment Button, Alt followed by J A, R

Save to Computer group box

Save As Button, Alt followed by J A, A V

Save All Attachments... Button, Alt followed by J A, A A

Save to Cloud group box

Upload sub menu, Alt followed by J A, S C

Upload All Attachments Unavailable sub menu, Alt followed by J A, S A 1

Selection group box

Select All Button, Alt followed by J A, S A 2

Copy Button, Ctrl+C

Message group box

Show Message Button, Alt followed by J A, M


Best regards,



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Subject: Opening Attachments in Outlook 13


Happy Tuesday, Using JAWS 18, Windows 7.  After opening a message, I shift tab to attachments and was thinking JAWS would tell me how many attachments I have, but it doesn’t.  Is this  controlled by a verbosity setting?  Also, thought JAWS key and letter A would tell me about  attachments, but it doesn’t, just tells me about links in the email.

Can you all tell me best way to manage attachments, i.e. opening and determining how many there are?




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