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Hi Nickus,

Have you already bought a Synology NAS? If so, I'd love to know which one and your feedback, feel free to write to me privately at I am looking at them and want to buy one soon. You might want to read Jonathan Mosen's information at and, if you don't find the information you are looking for, contact him via his website since I know he has one and has written about the accessibility of the Synology Diskstation user interface.


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Subject: Jaws on a Synology virtual machine

Hi all
Does anyone maybe have experience with running jaws on a Windows virtual machine which is on a NAS device, something like a Synology NAS?

I know a Windows 10 virtual machine running Jaws work just fine directly installed on a computers internal storage, but I’m looking in to getting a NAS device and I want to move all my virtual machines on to the NAS. Just wondering about the licensing and of course also the audio output.

Any feedback appreciated.


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