Re: Credit Card processing for business using Jaws?


I use PayPal's virtual terminal to charge credit cards. It's completely
accessible. You can sign up for the whole web pro processing and all, but in
my instance, it's warehouse stuff that is ltl shipped so a shopping basket
on my site really wouldn't work since I have to price out freight depending
on the merchandise the customer wishes to buy. I end up taking credit card
information over the phone and using the Virtual Terminal. Works perfectly
well with Jaws.

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Subject: Credit Card processing for business using Jaws?


All this talk about using programs like Cash manager and quickin couldn't
have come at a better time for me. About ten minutes ago, I received a call
from a client of mine, wondering how business owners using Jaws process
credit cards and do book keeping!

It looks like this Cash manager product will work great for her needs.
However, I would like to ask if anyone on here has any experience processing
credit cards, either using a web-based interface or a stand-alone program.

I know that in the old days, folks used talking credit card terminals, but
she would like to use a pc solution using Jaws if at all possible.

Thanks for any info.


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