JAWS and Media Monkey


I have a music data software program called Media Monkey.
The installation of it on a new Windows 7 machine has a difference in a way I do not know what you call it.
I am running JAWS version 12, have not yet installed my newly arrived version 13 disc.
But while you navigate the folder and list view of your Library, JAWS is silent. This is not the case when using the Menu, only in the Library where you navigate through all of the library stuff. I adjusted Options in the program to override the Skins to use Windows system display, but the situation did not change.

Anyone have an idea what this is?
Or what to do about it?
And should I be hopeful that after I install the new JAWS this will be better?

While Media Monkey was not completely accessible on the XP pc, it was pretty good.
In case anyone is a Media Monkey user, this is the newest version 4 that was just installed on my Windows 7 Home Premium machine.


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