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This is why I figured she had a non comercial burned disk or something.
On 10/15/2017 8:48 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
I've used Windows Media Player (WMP) for years and still do under Windows 10.

Unless you have a very rare album or you are currently sans internet connection it will go out and retrieve the album information, including all track names, for you.

I just use the Rip option and, in fact, have WMP set up to automatically rip CDs when I put them in rather than play them.  I tweaked the rip settings to use 320 Kbps bit rate mp3 encoding as the default as I'm wanting to create MP3 files.  Other file formats are available.

Once you set up everything as you want it for your first CD, if you then set up WMP to automatically rip, you just keep putting in the next CD and it will automatically rip it.  I can count the CDs on less than two hands that have ever not come up with media information including the album art.

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