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when you land on the mentened cells do a applications key and arrow down to format cells and then take the check out of the box to unmerge those 3 cells

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Hi everyone.

I am not knowledgeable in using excel. I taught myself how to work with spread sheets to keep my personal bank balance. Today, I have been asked to update our writers groups roster. It went smoothely until I reached row 22, column B. JAWS reads this as B22 through B24. When I tried to enter a different item in row 23, the same item shows up for row 22. I need to have different items--not the same. Obviously, you can't train me on excel with this list, but can someone just tell me how to change this one thing to fix it? I assume someone must have set it this way. How do I get out of it?

Thank you for any help. Or you can contact me off list. Thank you.


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