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Becky Tsurumoto

Thank you so much, Dave, for your help.
I followed your excellent instructions and was able to unchecck auto-capitalization of the first letter of a table cell.--Becky

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Hello; give the following a try;

Turn on / off auto capitalization in Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016,

Here we will guide you to turn on or off the auto capitalization feature of two initial capitals, capital the first letter of sentences, name of days, and more.

Step 1: Choose the File > Options.

Step 2: Choose the Mail in the left bar.

Step 3: Choose the Spelling and Autocorrect button in the Compose messages section.

Step 4: In the Editor Options dialog box, choose the AutoCorrect Options button.

Step 5: Choose the AutoCorrect tab firstly in the AutoCorrect: English (United States) dialog box, and then:

To turn off correcting two initial capitals, please uncheck the Correct Two Initial Capitals option;

1. To turn off auto capitalizing the first letter of each sentence, please uncheck the Capitalize first letter of sentences option.
2. To turn off auto capitalizing first letter of table cells, please uncheck the Capitalize first letter of table cells option.
3. To turn off auto capitalizing names of days, please uncheck the Capitalize names of days option.
4. To turn off the correcting accidental using of caps lock keys, please uncheck the Correct accidental usage of caps LOCK key option.

So, using jaws,



Down or up arrow until you hear mail,

Tab enter on editor options....,

Tab enter on AutoCorrect Options button...
Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.

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I have a new computer, using JAWS 18, Windows 7.
I recently switched from using to Outlook 2016.
I'm encountering a new problem:

When I'm typing a report and want to begin a new line with a5, for example, Outlook is automatically capitalizing the a. How do I stop this from happening?
Any help will be appreciated.


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