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Hi, Tom. Here is what the JAWS help file says about smart navigation.

Smart Navigation
Smart Navigation offers a more efficient way to navigate in web-based
applications, tables, and forms. Use this combo box to select the level of
Smart Navigation to use.

When set to "Controls," most controls are treated as single units when
navigating by character or word, like moving through a menu bar with RIGHT
and LEFT ARROW. When set to "Controls and Tables," controls are treated as
single units when navigating by character or word, while inside a table, the
ARROW keys move between cells. In either case, you can always get to
traditional navigation such as character or word, by pressing the Say
Character, Say Word, or Say Line commands twice quickly so you can explore
the text of the control in more traditional ways. To return to Smart
Navigation, just press DOWN ARROW, ESC, or TAB.

Anytime you are using Smart Navigation, JAWS will work in what is referred
to as "Document Presentation Screen Layout". This offers a much more natural
movement through pages the way they appear on screen. As you navigate by
line on web pages, you will also notice a sound indication if the current
line contains one or more links which would generally be displayed on
separate lines when you are not in Smart Navigation. This sound will help
you identify that a link exists and give you a chance to pause to hear about
it or use TAB or the ARROW keys to move to it.

Smart Navigation is off by default.

Bill White

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Thanks John, that was the problem and now have smart navigation turned off.

Having recently switched from WE, I am finding learning Jaws a bit of a
steep learning curve.

In the startup wizard, there are three options for the smart navigation.The
first is "off", the second is "smart navigation controls only" with the
third being "smart navigation controls in tables".

Can you inform me what the second and third options do?


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Maybe you have smart navigation on -- to temporarily turn it off use
insert-x while on the web page.

On Sat, 14 Oct 2017 01:55:08 -0400,
Tom wrote:

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Using: latest Jaws and W10 64 bit

How can Jaws be made to move one character at a time when on a web site?
Currently if the right arrow is pressed, the entire word will be spoken but
the spelling or details etc can not be examined like it could be by moving
one character
at a time.

The same goes for the contents of a cell in a table. How can the cell
contents be examined one character at a time rather than having the whole
cell read at once?



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