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What is the reason for buying a Mac? If you just want too run windows on it you will spend way more money going this route and wont see any better performance.
On 10/14/2017 10:20 AM, Owais Patel wrote:
Hi there everyone. Thanks for answering my question. If I get a Mac and install Jaws on the Windows side how can I make my keyboard work like a Pc? Or would you recommend to get a Microsoft Keyboard? What would you say about the Touch screen Support in Jaws with regards to the Mac? Is it sensitive enough and if I get the Mac with a Touch Bar what is the recommendation in this situation for installing Jaws?


On Oct 14, 2017, at 8:02 AM, Sue <sueb@...> wrote:

I second everything said here. I’ve had two different MacBooks that were bootcamped one had Windows 7 and now the current one has windows 10. On both I loaded a key mapping program because I wanted the option of having keys like home, end, and delete as separate keys the behaved the way they do on a PC. I did not find a need to remap the control, alt, or Windows key. I just got used to it the way it is laid out on the computer it’s self. Jaws on my computers uses the caps lock key as the JAWS key. Again no problems with this. There are a couple of key mapping programs you can download them for free and test them out for yourself. When you switch to the Mac side of the computer the key mapping program has no effect. Also if you’ve never done this before be aware that you have the option of having the bootcamped windows side of the computer as the default boot up rather than the Mac.

I will make a comment that I’ve observed about doing this from the windows point of you. That is it it is a very stable computer. It boots up fast and shuts down quickly. It is extremely rare that anything locks up on this computer when I’m in windows. I also have done a lot of jaws script writing using both of these computers and there has never been a problem with jaws.

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On Oct 14, 2017, at 7:18 AM, john clayton <nishantrana3@...> wrote:

Hello there,
I have been using win10 on bootcamp with jaws for a while now, there are no issues or limitations as such,but the keyboard layout will follow macs layout,that is fn,control,option,cmd, in windows case,that key would be the win key. which may take a bit getting used to.
Or of course,you could use a tool like Sharp keys,to change the keyboard layout to the windows style, this wont affect your mac side of things.

On 14 October 2017 at 08:19, Owais Patel <owaisipatel@...> wrote:
Hi there everyone. Is there anyone on this list who has Jaws installed on Mac with a Virtual Machine like Bootcamp running Windows? How do you find it? Are there any limitations? Would you recommend installing it that way? Does the Keyloard work properly?


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