Re: Dictionary compatible with Windows 7 and JAWS 12

Raymond Jantz


Yes, JAWS 12 does have Research It. All the steps you instructed work fine until I am supposed to get Wiktionary results.  I’ve tried it repeatedly on simple words such as apple and coffee, and Wiktionary finds no results found.

This afternoon a good IT man checked it and did not find the problem.

I’m thinking the Research It function might work if I update to latest JAWS..

Just wanted you to know I appreciate your help.



From: Poppa Bear
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 3:10 PM
Subject: Re: Dictionary compatible with Windows 7 and JAWS 12

If JAWS 12 has research it then you have a built in dictionary function that is free and as good as any off of the shelf dictionary.

To find out, press Insert/space bar and then after you hear a small pop, press the letter R. A dialog box should pop up that allows you to search for word or phrase, type in the word, then you will tab once and you will find a list of different categories to search in, by default, it should be on Wiktionary, just press enter. If you do have Research it, and the category is set to Wiktionary , just pull up research it, type in your word and press enter every time you need a definition.



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Subject: Dictionary compatible with Windows 7 and JAWS 12


I have post on this subject previously, but I think I might be more successful if I’m more specific.    Because I write for publication I need a dictionary that I can download onto my own computer.  I have carried out a thorough search on the Web to no avail.  I thought if there is such a thing, someone on this list would probably know about it.

I’d be happy to update JAWS if necessary.


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