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Hi Bill,
To navigate ribbons more efficiently the ribbons need to be maximized.  The keystroke is, control + F1.  This keystroke is a toggle so, this keystroke
will maximize & minimize the ribbons.
To check if the ribbons are minimized / maximized do the following:
1. Press the, Alt key, to open the ribbons.
2. Open the context menu with either the application key or, shift + F10.
3. Arrow up or down to the, Minimize, option.  If, Minimize, is checked, the ribbons are minimized, pressing, enter, on this checkbox, will uncheck it &close the context menu, & your menues will now be maximized.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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What is the keystroke for minimizing or maximizing the ribbon?


Thank you.


Bill White



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