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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

I wish I'd have known about Alt+Spacebar+ Up Arrow - I felt
much more secure with Close. It worked - my first choice for
exit now. Thanks for that tip.

Best from,


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Hi Mike,

Give this a try:
Taking the Desktop out of the loop when using Alt + Tab.
You want to change your desktop theme to Windows Classic.
Try the following:
1. While on the desktop make sure nothing is selected.
Press control + spacebar until you hear not selected. You
can also press the F5 key.
2. Open your context menu, up arrow to personalize, & press
3. Press down arrow until you get to an item called Windows7
Basic. Right arrow to Windows Classic. Hit the enter key to
make the desired change.
4. Wait a few seconds or until you hear an audio sound
effect confirming the completion of this process. I would
wait another 2 minutes or so as your computer is making lots
of changes and you want to allow lots of time for the
process to complete.

Note: Also, changing desktop themes can possibly change
your Sound Schemes as well. So, you might have to alter
your sound schemes to get the sounds you want.

Take care. Mike. Go Dodgers!
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Thanks Bill.
Actually, these keys do the same as alt plus f4. They close
the program to where Jaws stops speaking. I still have to
hit windows plus D to get to the desktop. No big deal,
except that sometimes I have to hit the keys twice to get
Jaws back to the desktop. It just takes a couple extra
movements and I'm lazy.



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What I actually meant in my last message, Mike is that
some users use
ALT plus F, then X.

Bill White

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I was a Window Eyes user. With W.E., when leaving a
program I was
returned to the desktop. With Jaws, I have to hit
windows-D to get
there and sometimes have to hit it twice. to return to
desktop. Is
there something I can change to get directly to desktop,
upone closing a program?


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