Re: Figured out solution to JAWS poor speech clarity/quality on new Asus laptop running Windows 10. USB sound card that cost $8,39 on Amazon!

Soronel Haetir

It actually makes sense to me that jaws would have problems, music and
video simply off-loads produced audio onto the sound card, and doesn't
have other processing going on. Jaws on the other hand is continuing
to actually produce (rather than just decompress) even during
playback. If you've ever done a say all with eloquence with a long
page you will likely notice a point where the speech rate picks up
remarkably, that is the point where jaws has finished producing audio
and only has to 'play' it.

On 10/11/17, Tim Ford <> wrote:
Movies play just fine and music plays just fine with the onboard sound
I think it is just something like what SoundBlaster experienced, it is the
driver, and why it pops up as a JAWS issue (actually I think the problem is
related to Eloquence), is some cause that nobody has identified as the
culprit, so they don’t know what to go looking to fix.

I am happy, especially the $8.39 price tag!

Tim Ford

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Asus laptop running Windows 10. USB sound card that cost $8,39 on Amazon!

I am glad you found a solution to what is a very annoying problem. :) I
would just add this sounds like a hardware issue with your sound card. Jaws
should not be able to load the sound card to the point it is slowing down
the system if everything is operating correctly.
I dont remember did music and movies play fine? If so this is one very
strange Jaws issue. :)
On 10/11/2017 6:53 PM, Tim Ford wrote:

HI All,

You may remember my asking for suggestions on my new laptop where JAWS just
sounded mushy and indistinct. Several of you provided helpful hints,
focusing on the sound card driver for the built-in sound card. After
ensuring the drivers were current, any sound enhancement options were
off, running a JAWS repair, the problem remained. The answer turned out to
be an external USB connected sound card; all my JAWS mushy issues are gone!

Through Amazon, I found a “best seller” USB sound card for $8.39, yup, that
cheap, and it came with next day delivery via my Amazon Prime. Here is the

Click here.

The sound card has the USB cable attached. The “card” itself is tiny, ½
inch thick, 1.5 inches long, and 1 inch wide. The USB card sounds great
JAWS, and music as well. Best yet, no driver to install or maintain, all
built in and ready to go.

I caught on to this idea of a new and separate sound card because I
remembered an experience years ago when my SoundBlaster Live card, although
great for playing and recording music, sounded mushy and had pops at the
of each time JAWS would speak. I reached a senior tech support person for
the company, who admitted their own driver had this problem, it only seemed
to affect screen readers, and they had never figured out a solution except

a driver from Gateway Computers that was on the Gateway web site. Totally
fixed that SoundBlaster card problem.

So sometimes you end up with a sound card design or driver that just does
not like JAWS, and this new Asus was one of those. A new/separate card,
all is well! Also, with what I am guessing is a load off the computer, the
weird JAWS delays, going silent for a full minute, that kind of stuff, also
seems to have cleared up.

At this price, I could not go wrong, and it has exceeded my most optimistic
expectations. And so cheap it is essentially a stocking stuffer item.

Tim Ford

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