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Stephanie Switzer

When you were saying that the ipod has a touch screen how would you
make it work with jaws and voice over, were you talking about the
laptop or the ipod?
If it was the ipod the touch screen is fairly easy to use. Though I
have an Iphone not an ipod. :)
You can go to for podcasts on that.
Or you can go here for gestures to use with Voice over:
I'm not really sure what you were asking there. So I hope this helps.
I'm sorry if that's not what you were asking about. They pretty much
work well together.

On 11/29/11, Adrian Spratt <> wrote:
Chris, Michelle was picking up on Dave Carlson's suggestion for how to
coordinate the desktop via JAWS with an iPod. Dave's message appears below

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Laptop? I thought we were talking about iPods?

At 09:09 PM 11/29/2011, you wrote:

thank you.
in my opinion, this is extremely relevant to jaws. i'll need to know
what happens on the screen of the laptop in order to know what I'm
doing. besides, it was FS who suggested I joined this list for such
questions. they couldn't give me helpful answers on the matter.

Thanks again.


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Date: November 29th 2011 5:30 PM

Yes. Works very well. Voiceover is a good interface. And to keep this
on a JAWS topic, iTunes has a set of JAWS scripts written to make it
more accessible under Windows. Once you've mastered the iTunes
interface, it's relatively easy to learn how to create playlists in
your library and sync them to the iPod. But there's another good list
that you should subscribe to for these questions, since again this is
straying away from the purpose of a JAWS-related list. No, I'm not a
moderator, in spite of others'
attempts to
brand me in that fashion. I'm just a lister who knows that eventually
our moderator (or other moderator-wanna-bees) will chime in and
complain about the lack of JAWS relevance.

Join here:

Dave Carlson
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I actually don't own a Nano at the moment. I just wanted to know if
that particular one, (6th generation ipod nano), would work with Jaws
during music transfer.



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Hi, your nano would be a good choice.

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Subject: Ipods and jaws

Greetings to all.

My name is Michelle Abadia and I've just subscribed to this list
15 minutes

I use Jaws version 13 on a Dell Inspiron laptop computer with Windows
I've downloaded Itunes into it and all seems well. However, I would
like to know if there are accessible ipods out there and if anyone has
manageed to transfer songs easily with Jaws on the desktop and "Voice
over" on the Ipod?
I understand that the 6th Generation Nano has "voice over"? That's what
I've read, at least.

Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Any experiences you
may have had will help as well.

Thank you so very much.

Michelle N. Abadia

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